Bring your brand to a place with GDP per capita among the highest in the Northeast and that attracts millions of tourists all year

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Recife: One of the biggest GDP of Northeast

The Metropolitan Region of Recife has more than 4 million inhabitants and is composed of 15 municipalities, of which Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Goiana, Paulista and Olinda stand out, forming the richest urban agglomeration in the North-Northeast and the most populous in Brazil. It is located within a 300 km radius of the three state capitals it influences: João Pessoa (122 km), Maceió (257 km) and Natal (286 km).

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Commerce is the leading segment of its economy, but the services area has great prominence, among them, Porto Digital, the most important technological center in Brazil, with companies the size of multinationals Accenture, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft, generating more 7 thousand jobs.

As a strong tourist attraction, its beaches are known nationally and internationally, attracting thousands of tourists throughout the year, in addition to its historic buildings and cultural festivities, such as the traditional Carnival of Recife-Olinda.

Recife is the gateway to the coast of Pernambuco, from where a large number of tourists arrive and depart, mainly through the International Airport

Pernambuco. Services, technology and tourism all year aroud!

The state has more than 9 million inhabitants, almost half of whom live in the Metropolitan Region of Recife.

The State’s GDP was R $ 182.8 billion in 2017.

Its beaches are famous and attract tourists throughout the year, from all corners of the planet.

The Venture

Thinking in its smallest details to make the life of shopkeepers and consumers as easy as possible, Recife Outlet is being built on the ground level, in a large plot on the side of Highway BR-232, next to a high standard condo (Alphaville), just 14 km from a World Cup standard soccer stadium (Arena Pernambuco), 18 km from the historic center of Recife and 24 km from Praia de Boa Viagem, on the main economic axis of the State, which connects the capital to the Caruaru region, one of the most important economic, hospital, academic, tourist and cultural centers of the Northeast harsh area.

Read MoreWith an GLA of 11,000 m², which can be easily duplicated in case of demand, Recife Outlet will initially have 72 fashion and food operations, 500 parking spaces and an air-conditioned food court.

The construction project on the ground level will provide low operating costs for tenants, with a layout in the “village” format, which favors the concentration of the flow of consumers in a single central corridor accessible by buyers coming from the parking pockets around the project. Therefore, all stores will have a great location and will be visible from different points of the project.

Great brands are already confirmed in Recife Outlet:

Your brand can’t lose this opportunity. Neither these number:


impacted municipalities within
a 100km radius in 2 statesv


thousand reais, is the
region’s GDP per capita


operations between fashion,
food and services.


millions potential


thousand m²
of GLA for sale


parking spaces for cars,
84 for motorcycles and 10 for buses


A large consumer center

The Recife Outlet will be built in a region with easy access for approximately 7 million potential consumers within a radius of 100 km, on the main economic axis of the State, between Caruaru and Recife, in an important logistical and tourist center, attracting consumers and tourists.

The outlet concept

The Outlet concept in Brazil is already a great success, attracting major brands and an increasing number of consumers who are looking for quality and their favorite brands, but with more attractive prices than those practiced by these same brands in shopping centers.

The work of About Agency

About Agency stood out in the consultancy sector and provides the most complete technical and commercial advice to retailers, entrepreneurs and investors who work or intend to work in the outlet segment, from market research, development, leasing and management of the enterprise.

The BCI Group in Brazil

With several business units throughout Brazil – TT Work, Pandenor, Shineray, BCI Combustíveis, BCI Armazéns Gerais and BCEI Imobiliária – the BCI Group invests in the real estate market, fuels, motorcycles, porcelain and construction material.

There are more than 20 years of outstanding performance in several sectors that guarantee the solidity and success of this newest project: Recife Outlet

Architectural Plan

Rodovia Luiz Gonzaga, BR-232, km 20.





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